Dr. Andy Boiangiu

Advisory Board Member


Dental Surgeon

Main spheres of expertise: Establishing and founding large oral and maxillofacial health care systems, founding startups in medical device

Implantology and bone augmentation procedures



E-mail:  andyb@013.net



Former Chairman of the Biomaterials Laboratory at the Hebrew University and Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine for 5.5 years.

Managing the courses and Lecturer in Biomaterials for the 4th, 5th, and 6th year of dentistry

Conducting research and tests in Dental Biomaterials with focus on different Implant Systems

Mentoring students on Doctorate Thesis

Managing the course and teaching Post Graduate Dentists at the Dental continuing education institute to pass the tests for License from the Ministry of Health

Examining Post Graduate Dentists on behalf of the Ministry of Health

Managing and lecturing post graduate courses in Conservative Esthetic Dentistry at the Hebrew University & Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine



Director of Biomaterials Research Laboratory at Hebrew University &Hadassah faculty of Dental Medicine

Ministry of Health, Chief Oral Surgeon, District of Haifa

Director of HMO Leumit Dental Clinic in Rishon Letzion

Founding and Managing the Oral and Maxillofacial Health Center at Tel Aviv Medical Center “Sourasky-Ihilov”,one of the biggest centers in Israel, and unique.



Lecturing around the world on different professional congresses on bone augmentation and use of stem cells and growth factors.

Founder &Owner of Eziomedical -Next Generation Simplified Implant System”

Founder & Main shareholder of “mBone- Computerized Bone Augmentation System”

Founder & Major shareholder   “Upheal-DIVA-Dinamyc Implant Valve Aproach”

Director of HMO Leumit Clinic in Holon

Private Practice focused on Implantology in Holon

Member of the Israel Association of Oral Implantology

Member of German Association of Oral Implantology

Member of International Association of Oral Implantology

Member of Israel Association of Periodontology and Osseointegration

Member of   Israel Dental Association

Editorial Board of the International Clinical Dental Research Organization