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Innovative Sinus Lift Technology

The Diva sinus lift technology provides an innovative solution that makes the procedure:
  • Simple and easy to use – enabling general practitioners to perform sinus elevation
  • Far less invasive than current procedures, significantly reducing the risk of complications and membrane rupture
  • Great news for patients! Far less post-op side effects and shorter recovery periods

DR. Andy Boianjo

"DIVA Procedure is simple, intuitive, and relatively fast."

Dr. eli Dolev

"The medical world is moving forward, no doubt with the DIVA implant we are already there"

Dr. Roman Itelman

" The use of DIVA is so simple, I wish I had known it earlier."

Dr. Haim Reider

"The DIVA system is excellent, comfortable, safe and most of all - effective. Requires only short and simple training."

Dr. Raad Amasha

"Sinus lifting with DIVA is the safest and most comfortable method I have tried, for a patient and a doctor."

Dr. Tchoudinov Aleksey

"The DIVA is a convenient and modern technology, strongly recommended."

Dr. Enrique Rey Cafaro

" la tranquilidad y seguridad de hacerlo bien"

Dr. Sergio de La Torre

" Este tipo de técnica favorece una odontología mínimamente invasiva, lo que hace que el tratamiento sea mucho más cómodo para el paciente, cosa que es fundamentas para nosotros."

The upcoming conference!

Meet us at the
11-14.3.2020 at SINEDENT DENTAL booth 8C11 and learn all about the DIVA system


Conference Program:

Participants will receive a Diva Technology Authorization Certificate.