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Innovative Sinus Lift Technology

The Diva sinus lift technology provides an innovative solution that makes the procedure:
  • Simple and easy to use - enabling general practitioners to perform sinus elevation
  • Far less invasive than current procedures, significantly reducing the risk of complications and membrane rupture
  • Great news for patients! Far less post-op side effects and shorter recovery periods

The upcoming conference!

More details coming soon

Conference Program:

16:00  Reception and light refreshments

16:30  Opening remarks

16:45  What is DIVA? A lecture by Prof. Oded Nahlieli

17:45  Break

18:15  Sinus lift operation – performed by Prof. Oded Nahlieli

19:15  Dinner

Participants will receive a Diva Technology Authorization Certificate.





DR. Andy Boianjo

"DIVA Procedure is simple, intuitive, and relatively fast."

About Upheal-Dental

Upheal Dental delivers advanced technology to the dental world - an innovative solution that enhances the sinus lift procedure, making it a great deal simpler and much more accessible without compromising quality and safety.