Company Profile

UpHeal Dental supplies advanced sinus elevation solutions to the  field of dentistry in Israel and worldwide. Our team of professional consultants is comprised of expert dental surgeons, headed by Prof. Oded Nahlieli.

UpHeal Dental is the owner and sole distributor of “DIVA”, an innovative technology for sinus elevation. The DIVA device is CE- and Israeli MOH-approved, and patents have been granted in Israel, China, Russia, and Australia. Other patent applications are pending in several additional states.

We maintain close relationships with the customers to ensure they receive the solution best suited to their needs, and continuously monitor our products, making adjustments and improvements when the field’s requirements change.

UpHeal Dental’s aim is to make the sinus elevation procedure a less complicated and more accessible procedure for dental surgeons and a less traumatic experience for the patient. Consequently, we are always on the lookout for advanced, innovative products with uncompromising quality and service in this field.